Door Camera Home Surveillance Safety Device


Be sure about your family’s security with Door Camera Home Surveillance Safety Device. How do you make sure that your family members are safe when you out? How do you prevent any stranger or a potentially dangerous person from entering your house? The answer is to install a Camera Home Surveillance system. Use a Door Camera. That’s why you need this home surveillance device to keep you and your family safe.

Door Camera Home Surveillance Safety Device

Door Camera Home Surveillance Safety Device
Door Camera Home Surveillance Safety Device

We all have to be vigilant when it comes to the safety of our family and loved ones. To increase your home protection and security, you need to use this door camera. It is a home safety device that you can attach to your front door. You may also use this for other doors in your home if you want to. The best thing about this camera is that it looks discrete. So, you can easily attach the camera to your door, and you can conveniently monitor your front door using a separate monitor. With this device, you can now check who is in on your front door before you open it.

Now, you can view your door front from the inside. Unlike the typical door hole, this camera gives you a more unobstructed view of your door front. So, you can now visibly see your door front without sacrificing your security.

Door Camera Is A Necessity These days

Safety is always better than cure. We all know this proverb. But we never follow it. You must be sure that a person standing on the other side of your door is trustworthy. Because you cannot trust anyone blindly just by hearing your name. This device is an upgraded version of the door viewer. It has a monitor that you can attach inside your home. Every homeowner should always prioritize safety, especially when you have small children in your home. The crime rates that involve home abduction are gradually increasing. So as homeowners, you need to take extra precautions. Therefore, as a step towards a safer home, you can use home safety devices like this for your loved ones.

No External Power Source Required

This door camera operates on 4pcs AAA batteries. Hence, no external power source is required. It has a wide range of views with an LCD screen measuring 3.5 inches weighing 197 gm. The Door Hole Range is 14-28mm. The Door Thickness Range: 35-100mm. It is a lightweight device made up of Zinc Alloy. The Indoor Device Size is 120mm x 62mm x 20 mm. You want a safe environment for your family. Therefore, you need to have this device on your door. It is effortless to install. No professional experts required. The package will contain 1 Outdoor Unit,1 Indoor Unit,3 Pairs of Screw,1 Metal bracket. You must delay it anymore. As the more you delay buying this product, the more unsafe your family gets.

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