Home Lock Digital Fingerprint Lock

Home Lock Digital Fingerprint Lock

Digital fingerprint technology has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is no longer restricted to those well-known James Bond movies that we found highly engaging and magical. One of the most prominent uses of this technology can be found in a digital fingerprint lock that identifies the fingerprint of the user and then opens up. This form of biometric security door lock system makes way for keyless entries through fingerprint authentication. These locks come as great solutions to people who seem to be locked out of their homes frequently and for the ones who do not like carrying keys in their pockets.

Home Lock Digital Fingerprint Lock

You can easily keep all your valuable and precious things safe in your office or your home by going for this fingerprint lock system. It will help you in unlocking your drawers and safety boxes efficiently by the use of your fingerprints. You can install it conveniently, and once the installation procedure is complete, you are at peace, knowing that all your valuables are secure and safe.

Managing Your Fingerprint- The Process

The process of managing your fingerprint on this system goes like this:

  • Insert batteries in the device, switch it one and go to fingerprint settings. You will find a button for this setting. Turn it on, and a light will appear immediately.
  • Now position any one of your fingers on its window. Remove your finger the moment you hear the “di” sound.
  • Next, place your finger once again for scanning the fingerprint. Now, you will hear a couple of “di” sounds.
  • Wait for the light on the window to turn off and then remove the finger.
  • Once you get to hear three “di” sounds, your fingerprint registration is complete.
  • For registering another fingerprint, you will have the move the light all over again while repeating the same steps.
  • Deleting a fingerprint is also easy. You just need to long-press the fingerprint settings button until you hear a long “di” sound.

Digital Fingerprint Lock Can Be Installed Easily

There is nothing much you need to know when it comes to installing this digital lock. You can either install it in a storage cabinet or a drawer. The only thing you need to pay attention to is making a 2×6.5 cm hole for installing the device. 

Of course, you will need specific tools like the woodcutter, drill, and screwdriver for the process. Using these tools will make the installation procedure easier and faster. Once you are done with the installation, lock the cylinder and connection all the cables to start using the device.

Perfect Lock System For Home Use

This fingerprint lock system is useful for both office and home environments. You can easily keep all your relevant documents and precious things in the cabinet or the drawer where you have installed the device. Keep it protected by using this smart fingerprint lock. Having it in your home or your office will offer you the confidence of being away from these places, knowing that everything is safe and secure.

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