Home Security: Things You Didn’t Know About


Home security is an essential addition to our lives, which helps to prevent break-ins and burglaries by approximately 300 percent, according to reports. Elements of home security can include motion sensors, CCTV cameras to watch the same, etc. Some smart home security hardware also has the feature to look at camera footage or unlock your homes via your smartphone. These are just two things that you may or may not have known about home security. There are many more.

Home Security: Things You Didn’t Know About
Home Security: Things You Didn’t Know About

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Security

1. Increases The Real Estate Value Of Your House:  

In case you would want to sell your house at some point, it’s easier to do with a built-in home security system. People prefer to buy a house with amenities pre-installed rather than having to install things by themselves.

2. Home Security Avails You Discounts From Home Insurance Companies: 

This is true. Even home insurance companies charge less money when your house has an inbuilt security system.

3. Gives You The Ability To Monitor What Is Going On Inside Your House: 

This applies to whether you’re there or not. Using the security system, you can keep an eye on your children if they’re alone at home to ensure their safety using the live stream feature. 

4. It Is Not All That Costly: 

One thing you didn’t know about security is that it is not as expensive as one may think. For one month, the cost of security comes to somewhere between about $30 to $59.

Home Security: Things You Didn’t Know About
Home Security: Things You Didn’t Know About

5. Additional Features Of Security Include Alarming Of A Fire Or A Flood: 

There are smoke detectors that can be installed to detect the same as part of your security system.

6. Your Security System Can Help Elderlies Living With You: 

A waterproof pendant for your parents or grandparents can be easily connected to your security system, which allows monitoring the health of your older family members. It is also connected to an emergency alert system in the case of an emergency.

7. You Need To Beware Of Scammers: 

Many a time, people will walk up to your doorstep as security system salespeople. It is crucial to find out if they are legitimate before they scam you for your credit card or other details.

8. Modern Security Systems Have Motion Sensors: 

A common concern with pet-owners who have motion sensors installed in their homes is the alarm going off when their dog or cat is in the way of the sensor. The sensors can be set in a certain way to sense movements made by things that weigh more than your pet.

9. Your Security System Can Be Managed Remotely:

A frequent target of burglars is homes that look as though the owners are on vacation or are not around at the time. As mentioned before, using your mobile device or smartphone, your security system may be controlled remotely. When someone opens a window or door, your remote-control device may inform you of the same. Even your lights and thermostat may be managed with these smart remote-control features.