Weirdest Home Security Devices Ever (I Have No Words For #4)

Home security should be everyone’s priority. It prevents intruders from gaining access to the inside of your house. Home security is actually all about perception. Some people leave the lights on in empty houses to give the illusion that someone’s inside. Here are some of the weirdest home security devices ever.

Ghost Dog

A hand holding a cellphone

The Tango Home Security Audio plays an audio clip of a deceased dog’s bark on loop in order to deter assailants. The dog’s name is Tango. This will give the illusion that there’s a dog inside the house and there’s a chance to be bitten or attacked. The only problem is that the intruders may notice over time that the audio bit is the same barks on loop, so you might want to reinforce your house with more security equipment other than this device.

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